Investment Adviser Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud Charge

Investment adviser Ismail Elmas pleaded guilty this week to an information charging one count of wire fraud. U.S. v. Elmas, No. 1:14-cr-00358 (E.D. Va.). This action is the latest is a series cases centered on investment frauds in which the adviser or promoter solicits funds from unsuspecting investors and then misappropriates their money.

Mr. Elmas at one time was employed as an investment adviser with Apple Financial Services, an affiliate of Apple Federal Credit Union. He was registered with FINRA as an investment adviser.

The scheme centered on soliciting largely senior citizens and widows for investments. Mr. Elmas owned a bank account in the name of I.E. Financial Solutions. Over a two year beginning in 2012, he raised over $1 million from investors. In some instances Mr. Elmas induced investors to deposit their funds with I. E. Financial without telling them that it was actually his bank account. In other instances the bank account was described as an investment vehicle such as a certificate of deposit or a real estate investment trust. Other clients just transferred their funds to I.E. Financial. Regardless of the mechanism used, Mr. Elmas misappropriate the funds. Overall 10 investors were defrauded.

Mr. Elmas is scheduled to be sentenced on January 16, 2015.

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